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After a rewarding 10 year career in tattooing I have decided to move on to new things.
A lot has changed in my life in just the past few months, and though the catalyst for these changes was by far the most heart breaking, tragic thing to happen in my life to date, I am looking to the future with hope. My partner and I have opened an antique store in downtown Seymour, Connecticut: The Vintage Emporium at 36 Bank Street, where I will be the main shopkeeper. This new venture will allow me to spend more time on my family and focus more on my step kids, as well as give me an opportunity to give them their first jobs, none of which would be possible if I were to continue tattooing.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients I've had the pleasure of working with over my 10 year career. I was able to do many very fun pieces during my time tattooing. Thank you all. And to any of my clients wishing to get more work, I would strongly recommend any and all of the artists at Hope Gallery Tattoo in New Haven, CT as well as Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA. Both of these studios are full of amazingly talented, professional tattooers.

Good luck and take care!
-Chloe Vanessa Girouard-Martel

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